Recipe: Fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Fritters


A lot of friends have been asking me, I want to make a recipe for the fritters. There are a lot of recipes in the kitchen. I didn’t intend to offer ugliness. Later, I think that the recipes always come out, then I will be myself. Let's make a fritter, there are bad or missing places, please forgive me. Also, this time the picture is gone, because there are very few opportunities for my family to fry things. If I wait for my pictures, I don't know if I will be in the Year of the Monkey. I will use the text to explain in detail.



  1. The first is the dough, first add 6 grams of baking and 1 gram of soda to the flour, not all of them are added at once, because the effect of soaking this thing after touching the water will be partially lost, so we are here. First put half, add butter and lard, everyone should know that butter and lard are good things to make crispy, lard is the best, so here, I choose 2 different oils, both The fluffy feeling of lard and the aroma of butter. Add an egg, don't be too small, it is a standard egg. In the case of salt, there is a saying in our industry that salt is bone and alkali is gluten. I don't recommend a lot of additions. The salt itself is something that will get rid of it, and the fritters don't have to be salty. Add a little bit of tune to taste. The problem of water, in general, 285 grams should be enough, but it is not excluded that some friends have a high degree of flour, can be placed to 290 grams, the dough stick itself is soft, so it is okay to be slightly wet. , and the dough is slightly softer. There is also a little bit of water to add, don't fill it up all at once.

  2. I want to explain here, don't underestimate the dough of dough, this is also a good need to be smashed, not to mention the ingredients inside. After the first time and after the good, we need to add the remaining baking and soda to the dough and continue to lick. Face, this step is more critical than the first step. If everyone is a bread machine, it will take a few more processes. Anyway, there is no yeast, it can't be sent out. I repeatedly emphasized that the noodles are very important in my recipes. The face is good, no matter what will be good, the buns are good, beautiful, snowy, the fritters are good, fluffy.

  3. When we knead the dough, we will enter a state of waking up, in order to make the dough more tough and make the dough better. The specific operation is to lick the good face, wake up for half an hour, squat for half an hour, wake up for half an hour. After three times, wake up three times.

  4. After three or three waking up, it is not over yet. This is just the stage of waking up. There is also a deep wake-up stage. Wake up the dough, knead it into strips, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator. In the room, 8 to 10 hours. It is recommended to be good at night and get up the next morning.

  5. The next day, remember to take the dough out in advance and return it to the temperature at room temperature. Don't blow it directly. It will be very hard when fried. However, to divide the season, it is estimated that it will take half an hour in the summer and one to two hours in the winter.

  6. Put the strip of dough gently, don't press it or force it. Now the dough is in the most relaxed state. If you go to squat or press hard, you will not feel empty and fluffy. .

  7. Cut into one, two stacks, press it with chopsticks, stretch it, you can blow it down in the pan, here, don’t pull too long, I have taught a few friends, it’s very long There must be no emptyness and fluffy feeling in it. It is like a relationship between a long thin man and a short fat man. The short fat man must be fluffy, right?

  8. If the oil temperature is enough, 200 will be fine. Too high and easy to shape and color too much, after all, there are eggs in the composition, it is still very easy to color. It’s good to blow up until you grow up.


Say it well, you may feel that my formula is a bit complicated, and there are more steps to wake up, but it is still very important. Now the fritters outside are all called aluminum-free. They are basically refueling stripping agents. The advantage of fritters is to reduce the time it takes for the fritters to wake up. Generally, it can be fried in one hour or faster. I have never used it. I am telling you about the problem of baking. In March, the country has already rectified the baking powder. Now, all the products on the market can be sold without aluminum. You can safely eat it. I can try this frieze when everyone is free, and I have also handed in an assignment.

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