Recipe: Fried spore cabbage | FRIED BRUSSELS SPROUT

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried spore cabbage | FRIED BRUSSELS SPROUT


I love Brussels Sprout!! It is enough to sprinkle with salt and pepper for a while, and the bitter taste is my love.



  1. Spore cabbage is cut in half.

  2. In the middle of the fire, apply a small amount of butter on the pan, then put the spores one by one, with the cut face facing down.

  3. 3-5 minutes or so, the face is slightly zoomed, then turn over, sprinkle with the right amount of black pepper and salt, and then 3-5 minutes after cooking.


Adjusting the time according to personal taste, I like to be crisp, so I won't fry for too long. I can accept it a little bit.

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