Recipe: Fried small silver fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried small silver fish


Yesterday, two friends who came home from Jiangsu for the New Year gave me a few pounds of Taihu silver fish. For these silver fish, they bought two ice buckets. After more than eight hours of driving, when the fish was delivered to me, Very fresh, so my aunt was really touched when I received these gifts. It’s called “a thousand miles to send goose feathers, and the ceremony is light and affectionate”! Every year, everyone is going home, and every family is visiting friends. No matter how much wind and rain is difficult this year, as long as we return to the warm home and unload the dust, we must bring the best wishes to us. The people we love, I hope they can be safe, healthy and happy! Thanks again to Su Yang and Xiaomi, and I hope that in the new year, your love will blossom, just like this beautiful silver fish, live and die, and never give up. I have heard that there is a beautiful legend about this silver fish. According to legend, there are a pair of boys and girls around the Crystal Palace Dragon King. The male is called Silver Fruit and the female is called Silver Flower. One day, the Dragon King sent them to see the growth of the creatures. In the world, they see people living a happy and happy life, very envious. Later, the feelings of the two of them became more and more profound, so they became married and married, and they lived a happy life with men and women, and they would never return to the Crystal Palace. Later, the Dragon King knew about this matter and thought that the silver fruit and the silver flower violated the order. If the crime could not be tolerated, they would send the sailors to take them back to the palace to ask for sin and pass the silver fruit and silver flowers out of the Crystal Palace. A small fish that is transparent to the whole body. From then on, silver fruit, silver flower can only swim in shallow water. They have deep feelings, and the silver flower is pregnant in the human world. The belly is getting bigger and the swimming is slow. Silver fruit does not travel far away with silver flowers, and finds food for silver flowers. Unexpectedly, this was known to the Dragon King. The Dragon King was furious and immediately passed the message and was not allowed to be born. Silver fruit, silver flowers, grief, tears and tears. Silver Fruit said: "Is this not to let us break the grandson?" Silver Flower went on to say: "We are married couples, how can we have no children, I am determined to die and die. This will save the future generations to proliferate." Swim to the gravel, diarrhea and lay eggs to die. When the silver fruit saw the silver flower dying, he placed the egg and died very quickly. Although this is just a mythical story, the meaning of it makes my aunt moved, and I hope that the lovers in the world can faithfully guard your love. Silverfish is a high-protein, low-fat food that is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet and flat, good for spleen and stomach, and can promote lung and water, can cure spleen and stomach weakness, lung deficiency, cough, and fatigue.



  1. Taihu silver fish 200 grams, cleaned properly

  2. Eggs and flour with a small amount of salt, chicken, pepper and paste

  3. Pour the wok into the half-pot oil, heat the oil until it is 80% hot, change the medium heat, put the beans into the bottom of the plate, then roll the silver fish in the batter and fry until golden brown.

  4. Chili sauce, chili oil, vinegar, minced garlic, and tasted on the table.

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