Recipe: Fried ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried ribs



  1. Small ribs, about 3cm piece

  2. After mixing the allspice, salt, soy sauce and cooking wine into the ribs, massage each rib with your hands to make the seasoning more delicious.

  3. Put a flat plate and place the ribs one by one, put a piece of ginger on each rib and pour the seasoning into the dish.

  4. Marinate for about 4 hours, turn it in the middle several times

  5. After the ribs are marinated, the radish is peeled and sliced.

  6. Starch plus appropriate amount of water into a slurry

  7. Put one third of the oil in the milk pot. After the oil is hot, put the ribs in the starch slurry and hang the slag and put them into the pot. First, fry the surface with a large fire, then turn off the small ribs and slowly fry the ribs. After the surface is browned, it will be blown up to the color of the above picture.

  8. During the frying process, chopsticks should be frequently flipped to prevent sticking. The ribs should be slowly fried on a small fire for a long time.

  9. The fried ribs are picked up with chopsticks and the oil is removed. The excess oil is removed and placed in a bowl.

  10. After frying the ribs, the fried pork ribs are left in the pot and can be used for cooking.

  11. Take the wok, boil the hot pot and pour the oil into the ribs. After the oil is hot, pour in the sliced ​​radish, stir fry until the radish becomes soft, add water to cover the lid, and turn the water to medium heat until cooked. Cooked, sprinkle with salt and stir well, plate

  12. Place the fried ribs on the radish surface


Use the milk pot to save fuel. The milk pot is small. You don't need too much oil to cover the height of the ribs. However, because the milk pot is relatively small, only three pieces are fried at most, so it takes a little bit of frying. longer. The bottom of the dish does not necessarily use white radish, you can change to other dishes with lighter taste, if lettuce, etc.

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