Recipe: Fried radish balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried radish balls


Radish is a favorite vegetable of the Northeast in all seasons, especially in the age of lack of material. The whole winter in the northeast is made by the cabbage and radish. It is delicious, but it is best to eat. Still use radish croquettes, because croquettes need a larger amount of oil to fry, so in the age of lack of East and West, it is a more extravagant food, usually only when the annual festival can be eaten. Now that the living conditions have improved, the croquettes have become home-cooked dishes that can be eaten at any time. In the summer in the northeast, white radish and green radish are very cheap to sell in the market, so when you walk into the corridor, you often smell the fried radish balls. The fried radish balls are tender and tender, and can be fried directly. Eat, you can also make sashimi or soup balls, they are very delicious.



  1. Wash the white radish and rub it into fine wire with a wire

  2. Put a spoonful of salt into the white radish, then mix the sticky notes with your hands until the water in the radish is pulled out, then squeeze out the water from the radish, squeeze it out, and squeeze the dried radish into the chopping board. Slightly chopped with a knife

  3. Put the pork into the pot and put it into the pot, then put the processed radish, beat the egg, put a little salt, pepper powder, flour

  4. Use chopsticks to whipped into a thick filling in one direction, which can be just squeezed into a pellet. If it is too thin, add some flour, but don't make it too dry, so the fried meat is not soft.

  5. Put a little more oil in the pot and burn it to 60% heat, squeeze it into the meatballs, and then fry it into golden brown in medium and small fires (the fire can't be opened too much, so the fried meatballs are easy to be dark outside and not cooked inside)

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