Recipe: Fried prawn

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried prawn


This is a nightingale that was done in Kunming. Although it is greasy, it is easy to operate and nutritious. It is like a beer, and even the dreams are fragrant.



  1. Add hot oil to the hot pot. If you don't like oil, you can pour 1/5 of the amount of shrimp.

  2. The oil temperature should not be too high, about 70 degrees, pour the shrimp, and judge whether the oil temperature is suitable by the state of the shrimp in the nest.

  3. If there is less oil, you should keep frying, the shrimp will turn red, and the head and tail edges will be crispy and you can fish out.

  4. Sprinkle the salt after the pan, keep stirring, let the temperature drop quickly, and then it is more crisp.

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