Recipe: Fried pork with shredded pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried pork with shredded pork


Fried pork with shredded pork: Only use this document to give a meal of pickles for my family's table. I know that you regret that you were born in the snow. Because it is destined that you can't get a high-end dining table. You are very envious of kimchi. When people are tasteless, kimchi will come forward immediately. Get the owner's favorite. You are very envious of sauerkraut. When people's dishes are filled with fish, they often think of pickled fish. You are very envious of cabbage. When people don't want to go out in the winter, when they have a few cabbages, the table will be richer. So, you are very sad. When you are successful from harvesting to entering my home. From green cyan to black and black. When you walk into the small jar that you can't go back from the vast nature. I know that you are helpless. But I want to say that you should be proud too. I still remember how much breakfast, people are working with snow tofu. When people eat porridge in a small restaurant, the porridge is undoubtedly the soy bean mixed with snow. When people are bored with meat buns, the snowy lean meat bag has been loved by more people. now When I have the last pickle in my hand, I feel it is necessary to record it. Because you are also the hero of my family. Although I don't want to eat you a lot, but when my family has no food, I will think of you. Although your nutrition is rare, or even basically nothing, but as long as you catch up with you, it is undoubtedly a meal.



  1. Put the oil in the pot, after the oil is hot, pour the diced green onion, ginger

  2. Add pork

  3. After stir frying evenly, pour the cooking wine and soy sauce, pour in the pickles and pour in other seasonings.


1, snow vegetables are snow red. Snow red is the dish that we often use to pickle after winter. 2, the method of pickling see here autumn is here, pickled up the snowy red pickles 3, pickles because it is a salted product is not recommended to eat often, occasionally once.

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