Recipe: Fried okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried okra


Today, we introduce a very simple and nutritious vegetable “Okra”, which is because of its high nutritional value and as much as possible. Okra, also known as croissant, coffee yellow sunflower, and purple eggplant, is native to Africa and was introduced to China by India in the early 20th century. At present, Okra has become a hot-selling high-end nutrition and health vegetable, which is popular all over the world. Its edible part is a fruit pod, which is divided into green and red. It is crisp and juicy, smooth and not greasy, and has a unique fragrance, which is favored by the people. Okra contains pectin, bovine lactose, etc. It has the effect of helping digestion, treating gastritis and gastric ulcer, protecting skin and gastric mucosa, and is regarded as one of the best health vegetables in humans. It contains a variety of nutrients such as iron, calcium and sugar, and has the effect of preventing anemia. It secretes mucin to protect the stomach wall, promote gastric secretion, increase appetite, and improve dyspepsia. Contains vitamin A, which is good for retinal health and maintains vision. Okra can eliminate fatigue and quickly restore strength. At the same time, the okra fruit contains a kind of viscous liquid and arabinan, galactan, rhamnose, protein, calcium oxalate, etc., often eat to help digestion, enhance physical strength, protect the liver, stomach and intestines. Because okra is rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium, it can enhance the body's anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Plus rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber, it not only has a health-care effect on the skin, but also makes the skin white and delicate. As a health vegetable, okra can be fried and fried with pork, shrimp, squid, eggs, etc. It can also be cold-fried, fried, soup, and simmered. It is simply how you want to eat. The special silky and tender fragrance of okra when eating is sure to make you forget, nostalgia!



  1. Okra washed to stalk, cut hob; garlic slice

  2. Put a little salt into the boiling water, put it in the okra for 1 minute, then remove the cold water in the cold water. (to smell)

  3. Heat the wok into the oil, sauté the garlic slices

  4. Under the okra, stir fry for two minutes and season with salt.


1. Okra is a low-energy food and is one of the best diet foods. 2, okra can be cold, stir-fried, fried, stewed, salad, soup, etc., must be boiled in boiling water for a few minutes before the cold salad and fried food. 3, the general population can be eaten. Suitable for gastritis, cancer, stomach ulcers, anemia, indigestion, especially young adults, athletes, skin care ladies, men should eat more. 4, the characteristics of this dish: green as jade, seeds like pearls, crisp and smooth, full of juice, have the effect of promoting appetite, help digestion, strong liver and kidney. For those who like spicy food, you can chop the peppers or cut them, and then fry them with the okra.

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