Recipe: Fried green onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried green onion



  1. The pig's heart is cleaned and bruised, and the knife is cut and cut into pieces. Put a small amount of sugar, salt and a spoonful of starch for half an hour. Sliced ​​green onions, ginger shredded

  2. Open the fire and heat the pot, put the oil, enlarge the onion and ginger, and put it into the pig heart and stir it quickly.

  3. Spray into the liquor and continue to stir fry

  4. Stir-fried to the heart of the pig's heart, the knife is scattered and rolled, poured into the soy sauce, soy sauce and water starch, stir well, until the juice becomes thick, immediately turn off the heat, and then put the salt into the seasoning.


The fiber of the pig heart is hard, and the knife is the key to stir-fry the tender heart.

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