Recipe: Fried frog with chili

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried frog with chili



  1. First, the bullfrog is turned to the head, peeled, and the internal organs removed. If you are afraid, you can let the store handle it. Clean the bullfrog and then smash it into small pieces

  2. Wash the green peppers and red peppers and cut into thin filaments for use. Prepare two pieces of garlic, peel off and cut into small pieces

  3. Put the oil on the pan and fry the oil. After the oil is hot, put the garlic head and saute it, then pour the prepared bullfrog and stir fry quickly. Sprayed into Shanghai rice wine, you can also use other brands of cooking wine instead. Spraying wine can play the role of deicing and freshening. Season with salt, sugar and chicken. Then put the prepared green and red pepper. Stir fry evenly, the peppers are slightly soft and can be cooked.


Finally, put the peppers and peppers in a frying time. This will keep the nutrition in the peppers and the taste will be very good.

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