Recipe: Fried eggplant with olives

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggplant with olives


There is only eggplant left in the house, I want to say fried. However, only the eggplant is too bad. Fortunately, there are always a variety of pickles in the refrigerator. The olive dishes are really good. My favorite olive dish is olive meat minced tofu, too Nyima. have eaten! Next time I posted the recipe. Take olive dishes today to fry eggplant, it’s delicious too~



  1. Eggplant cut strips, round eggplant long eggplant does not matter, my is round

  2. A step that cannot be omitted: the eggplant is sprinkled with salt and marinated for half an hour. It doesn't matter if you don't pick it up, but you also know that the eggplant is very oily, it's a lot of oil, it's gone, and the vegetable oil that was finally made is going to die. You can avoid this problem by salting out the water from the eggplant and frying it.

  3. After the eggplant is out of the water, drain the water.

  4. Hot oil pan, garlic slices, saute

  5. Pour the eggplant into it, stir fry

  6. Add the olives and go in and fry until the eggplant is soft.

  7. The eggplant is salted and the olives are salty, so there is no need to put salt. But I poured a small spoon of soy sauce

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