Recipe: Fried Beans with Cardamom

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Beans with Cardamom


I have always liked to eat this dish made by my mother, and the mouth is full of burning feeling. At home, only my mother and I love to eat spicy food. Every time we fry the pepper, it is eliminated with 2 mothers. Now my family, Xiansen, also falls in love with this dish. ^_^



  1. The pepper is cleaned and drained. Because the pepper is relatively long, it needs to be cut into several sections and flattened with a knife.

  2. After the meat is shredded, use a little raw powder and mix well.

  3. Pick up the oil pan and cook the mixed pork. Stand out.

  4. Stir-fry the cardamom in the pan (you can replace it with the cardamom in Laoganma Spicy Sauce without the cardamom). Then pour the chili into the stir-fry and stir-fry until the surface of the pepper is the best.

  5. After the pepper is almost finished, pour in the spare shredded pork and add a little sugar. Just the right amount of salt and MSG.


Choosing Hangjiao, pay attention to picking the thin skin, it will be delicious!

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