Recipe: Fried bean curd with old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean curd with old tofu


I used to think that old tofu was not good. I used to eat auntie at the place where I went to work. The taste was very good. I tried to do it myself. It was a meal~



  1. Cut the old tofu into small pieces, and I found that I cut too much when I fry.

  2. Pour more oil in the pot than cooking. If you don't feel wasted, it will be more labor-saving to pour some fried tofu.

  3. Old tofu is fried on all sides, you can cook.

  4. Another oil pan, pour a little oil, put two scoops of bean paste (see your taste to increase or decrease), fry and then pour the soy sauce, then fry the fried old tofu together, and finally put some water and other old Tofu boiled through.

  5. In the last step, I don’t put sugar on my personal taste. I bought the June bean paste, which tastes a bit sour and adds some sugar.

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