Recipe: Fresh shell steamed stinky tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shell steamed stinky tofu


In the "steaming young" eat fresh shrimp steamed stinky tofu. Stunning in such a combination did not violate the sense of harmony, so I went home and did the same, because there is no fresh shrimp, so I used fresh shellfish.



  1. Fans soften in advance, and stinky tofu is washed several times with cold water. Put the ginger on the bottom of the bowl, spread the soft fans, then put the pickled peppers, and then add the stinky tofu and fresh shellfish. Add sugar, salt, cooking wine and cooking oil at the same time. Finally add the right amount of hot water.

  2. Add water to the steamer and boil it. Put the bowl in the steamer and steam for about 15 minutes. Finally, add chopped green onion, turn off the heat, cover the clams for 1-2 minutes to serve.

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