Recipe: Fresh meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat



  1. Put the pork stuffing into the bowl, add soy sauce, starch, salt, a little oil, stir the chopsticks in one direction, rinse the seaweed in the water, wash the chopped shallots

  2. Take a suede, use a chopstick to smear a little bit of meat, use chopsticks to tighten the suede

  3. Put the stock and seaweed in the pot and boil, add a little salt to taste and put it into the bowl for use; the egg is broken into pieces and cut into pieces.

  4. Then add enough water to boil in the pot, simmer, add a little cold water after boiling, wait for it to boil again, then boil it and float on the water to remove it. Put it into the bowl of seaweed soup and sprinkle with a little parsley and egg silk. , chili oil can be

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