Recipe: Fresh lily peas fried with shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh lily peas fried with shrimp


Very simple and a homely speculation!



  1. Frozen shrimps are thawed first, washed after thawing, and used with a little cooking wine, raw flour, and salted!

  2. Fresh lily is peeled off one by one, washed, drained, and spare!

  3. After the peas are peeled off, wash them, drain the water, and spare!

  4. From the oil pan, pour the shrimp into the oil when it is hot, stir fry for a while, then add the peas, cook the right amount of cooking wine, stir fry!

  5. Add fresh lily and the right amount of hot water, stir fry and cover the lid! Change the fire!

  6. After about 3 minutes, open the lid, put in the right amount of salt, and throw away the white sugar to bring out the umami taste.


You can also choose the shrimp you peeled, the taste will be better!

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