Recipe: Fresh Huaishan Chicken Pigeon Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh Huaishan Chicken Pigeon Soup


Fresh Huaishan is also called yam. Its main functions are spleen, thick stomach, Bufei, and kidney. It is good to come to soup and porridge. It can also be used to fry meat. There are a lot of mucus in the fresh Huaishan cut, and some people will have skin allergies after contact. Therefore, when peeling or cutting, try to wear disposable gloves (or put them on your hands with a fresh-keeping bag).



  1. After peeling the skin in Huaishan, cut the thick slices, clean the pigeons into 4 pieces, clean them, and peel the ginger.

  2. Put the material into the soup pot, add the right amount of water, boil the fire, and clean the floating foam.

  3. Turn to medium heat for 1.5 hours, season with salt.


1: Huaishan cuts thicker and more suitable, too thin, it is easy to break; 2: After the water is opened, the floating foam should be cleaned; 3: When handling Huaishan, remember to wear disposable gloves to prevent skin irritation and itching.

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