Recipe: Fresh fragrant crab and shrimp fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh fragrant crab and shrimp fried rice


Crab and shrimp, it is very fresh~



  1. Shrimp with a pinch of salt, pepper, starch, cooking oil and pickled and marinated for a while~

  2. Crab willow cut a small section ~ sweet onion sliced ​​into silk ~ parsley chopped ~

  3. Hot oil, add sweet onion, stir fry for a while~

  4. Eggs are sprinkled, panted, stir fry~

  5. Rice, pan, stir fry~

  6. Take another pot, melt the butter, stir fry the shrimp, add in, and stir fry the crab. (You can also do it in advance)

  7. Shrimp crab into the rice pot, stir fry ~

  8. Add salt, a little sushi soy sauce, pepper, coriander leaves, stir fry, out of the pot~


Rice is harder to eat. Coriander puts some more fragrant~ Crab willow texture is better and more delicious~

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