Recipe: Fresh cream fruit cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh cream fruit cake



  1. The cake is divided into two or three pieces, and the whipped cream is added to the sugar for about 6 minutes, and a layer is applied to the cake blank.

  2. The sandwich is cut with small pieces of fruit, spread on the cream layer, and then a layer of cream on the fruit.

  3. Cover another piece of cake, smear the cream and try to smooth it out

  4. The socks are slightly harder to use with the cream. When there is a clear pattern, put it into the flower bag of the flower mouth, squeeze out the desired flower pattern, and decorate the fruit slices.


1: Cream should choose animal whipping cream, nutritious, and the first guarantee of pure taste. 2: Hurricane cake is an important foundation, soft and delicious is a must! Click here for a detailed introduction. 3: Mezzanine and decorative fruit, choose the taste with a bit of sour and sweet drops, the perfect companion for the cream cake!

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