Recipe: French jade green mussel

Home Cooking Recipe: French jade green mussel


Qingkou, also called mussels here. With the serious pollution in our offshore waters, although I have always loved eating shellfish, I dare not try it lightly now. Fortunately, the logistics industry is now developed. We can eat fresh food from all over the world at home today. The main ingredients of this dish come from New Zealand's near Antarctic waters. The sea is clean and pollution-free. The shellfish is fat and delicious, since I first ate it. Other mussels are no longer eyeing.



  1. Wash and drain the green mouth for use. Cut the onion, parsley, and red pepper into small pieces, slice the garlic, add the olive oil after the hot pot, and put the onion in the first half of the heat. The saute is soft.

  2. Put the green mouth and cover the lid for about 2-3 minutes. Open the lid and see that most of the green mouth is open, put in garlic and half a glass of white wine. Cover for about 1 minute, open the lid and sprinkle with a small amount of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper powder, and add the small red pepper. The lemon is divided into two and squeezed with lemon juice. Gently shovel the green mouth with a spatula to make the seasoning even. Turn off the fire and sprinkle with parsley or parsley.


The soup cooked in Qingkou can be eaten with a stick and tastes quite good.

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