Recipe: French cream green mussel

Home Cooking Recipe: French cream green mussel



  1. Wash the green mouth, and if necessary, wait until it is cooked before pulling it out (it will die soon after it is removed).

  2. Red onion minced, garlic chopped, small red pepper cut into small circles (to remove a bit, to prevent too spicy, authentic French dishes do not like too spicy), parsley mince.

  3. Heat the pot, put the butter, and put some olive oil (the butter agrees to burn, but it tastes good, so adding some olive oil can make the ignition point not so easy to burn). Spicy garlic onions, then red pepper, white wine, boil.

  4. Let the alcohol evaporate slightly, put the green mussels and cover the lid. After two or three minutes, the green mussels should have been opened (throws that are not open, because they are not fresh, they should die before cooking). You can put the cream, boil it a little, put parsley, and season it with black pepper.


Qingkoubei is savory and does not need to put salt. Do not cook for too long, the mouth of the green mussels is cooked, cooked for a long time and become old and not good. Parsley has a fresh effect. If you can't buy fresh, you can use bottled dry goods.

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