Recipe: Free-roasted vegan cheesecake (cashew version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Free-roasted vegan cheesecake (cashew version)


If you want to eat cheesecake, some people will not like the taste of tofu! It doesn't matter, the cashew version of the cheesecake is here! Not only the taste is super good, but also free of roasting, simple operation will make you more able to experience the beauty of life! Note: Because the photo is too excited to have the full version of the photo, the picture displayed on the home page comes from the network, thanking the friends who provided the photo. The following is the amount of 6-inch cake:



  1. Crushed the biscuits with a rolling pin, add 30g of coconut oil and mix well. It can also be crushed with a blender.

  2. After the bottom of the cake is wrapped in tin foil, the biscuits are crushed and compacted with a glass.

  3. In order to prevent the biscuits from being soft, you can put them in the freezer for 15 minutes.

  4. Cashew nuts are soaked in pure water overnight, because the cashews will absorb a lot of water, and the total amount of water + cashew nuts can reach 220g.

  5. Lemon squeezed juice, lemon peel only cut yellow part (white part has bitter taste), chopped with a knife, the more broken the better

  6. Cashews Lemon juice Lemon peel Vanilla extract Coconut oil Put the maple syrup in a blender until the cashew is smooth, and add some water in the middle.

  7. Put the prepared cheese in the bottom of the cake and freeze it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

  8. [Cake bottom] + [Cashew cheese] After doing it, you can sprinkle the tea powder, cocoa powder for decoration, and then add the cherry embellishment. The upgraded version of the vegan cheesecake is born.


1. Remember that lemon juice and lemon peel must be added to the amount of 2 whole lemons, so that the taste of cashew cheese will not be sweet, and the sweet and sour feeling will also add a lot to the whole cheese cake. 2. In order to increase the taste, you can layer it with the previous tofu cheese, that is, the lower layer of cashew cheese, the top layer of tofu cheese, the taste will be even more embarrassing!

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