Recipe: [Free oven] light and delicious の pumpkin rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: [Free oven] light and delicious の pumpkin rice cake


Who said that no oven can not make a good cake, 哼哼~o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)



  1. If you have the conditions, put the rice into the cooking machine and make it into powder. After you finish about 80G (how many grams is not the key, you can adjust it yourself), and sieve it three times, so that the taste is more delicate.

  2. Wash the small pumpkin, peel it, cut off the seeds and cut into pieces, steamed on the pan. I have steamed for about 15 minutes.

  3. The steamed pumpkin is made into a puree with a cooking machine, about 350G, and it is kept in a clean bowl.rThere is no cooking machine, juicer, meat grinder, and the steamed pumpkin is smashed into a mud with a spoon. But if you are using a spoon, you must spend more time and effort, and after the end of the meal, it is best to filter, the thinner the pumpkin, the softer the cake.

  4. Take two raw eggs and separate the egg yolk from the protein. Note: It is critical that the protein be separated into a large, water-free, clean, fresh container.

  5. Add the egg yolk to the pumpkin puree, stir it, mix well, then pour the sieved rice flour (or sieved flour) into it, then stir it up and turn it into egg yolk pumpkin paste. Be careful not to let the flour or rice flour agglomerate, so be sure to stir it for a while. Ah, this step is done with chopsticks, and no high-tech stuff is needed.

  6. Protein I was separated into a stainless steel pot, then beaten with a whisk, hit the protein with a thick bubble, add 10 grams of sugar, continue to fight, hit the protein to start, add 10 grams of sugar And then hit, hit the protein is thick and porcelain, add a third fine sugar 10 grams, and finally play for a while, in order to make the last sugar can be evenly distributed. That is to say, a total of 30 grams of sugar, added in three times, will be finished after adding the protein. Check if it is good, you can turn the pot over and the protein will not fall out.

  7. Add the protein you have put into the pumpkin paste, and then don't draw a circle of stirring. Instead, use the shovel to turn the bottom of the thing upside down, flip it over and over, here is the whole process. The most time-consuming and energetic place, hold on, turn to the perfect combination of protein and pumpkin paste, very even, without particles, then you will feel love again. . . (You can add a few drops of lemon juice in the process, the taste will be better, if you don't have it, it will be fine.)

  8. Pour the finished material into the mold for baking the cake. Of course, you can pour it into a large bowl. Then I use a spoon to smooth the surface, cover it with a layer of plastic wrap, and then you can Steamed on the pot! ! Fire, steam for forty minutes, turn off the fire, remove the plastic wrap, peel off the plastic wrap, the cake will rise a little, naturally cool, it will shrink to the middle, better release.


How much to add, how much to reduce, depending on individual taste, the entire process does not need to add water, do not need to put oil, but do not need any fermentation, so do not have to worry about mastering the fermentation method and affecting the taste. I use rice flour instead of flour. The taste of the cake is soft and moist, but it is not sticky at all, but it is very tender. If you use flour, the taste will be bitterer than the rice. I saw this pumpkin rice cake. From the ingredients, the amount of pumpkin is far greater than the amount of rice flour, so the moist softness is more obvious. Like a very fluffy girl, you can increase the amount of rice flour or flour. Finally, this pumpkin cake can be eaten cold or hot. If the patient eats this, cut the piece directly, steam it on the pan for a while, and steam it and eat it. Very very fragrant. When the snacks are eaten, the ice in the refrigerator is taken out for a while, and it is refreshing to the extreme. Also, if you give it to diabetics, you don't need to add sugar. You can change it to sugar-free milk powder. The pumpkin itself has a sweet taste. If you add milk powder, it will turn into a milky pumpkin cake. In short, the spirit of eating goods will never fall, and new ideas are always kings! (≧?≦)?

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