Recipe: Fragrant prawn

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant prawn


In fact, the highest level of cooking seafood is what seasoning is not put. In the north, we will use a lot of spices to make the seafood taste the same as the taste of pork, so I want to make this shrimp to taste delicious. To the explosion, of course, the practice is also very simple #乐购TESCO优鲜下厨房-海鲜#



  1. Onion oblique knife cut, garlic with a knife to take a stand

  2. Shrimp go to the shrimp line for cleaning

  3. Hot pot cold oil, oil temperature 80% hot into the green shrimp stir fry until the color turns red into the onion garlic, keep frying for three to five minutes, stir well with salt


The shrimp went out of the line and came out with a hand from the fourth joint of the head.

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