Recipe: Fragrant edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant edamame



  1. After the fresh edamame is washed, the two sections are slightly cut, soaked in clear water for a quarter of an hour, and the edamame is kept in a cold water pot.

  2. Soak the cooked edamame in cold water until it is completely cooled. After the ratio of the brine and the cool white is adjusted to 1:1.5, put the cooled cooked edamame into it. It is better to have no edamame, and cover the plastic wrap in the refrigerator. Available in two hours


1. Washing the edamame slightly cut the ends to ensure that the edama will not burst during the cooking process, maintaining a complete shape. 2. Washing and cutting the edamame soaked in clear water for a while, so that the edamame absorbs a certain amount of water, the beans are bulging, and the finished product is more beautiful. 3. Do not cover the lid during the process of boiling the edamame. After cooking, it should be completely cooled by cold water, all to ensure the color of the green color of the edamame. 4, can use all the bad halogen does not cool the cold, but if you stay overnight, it will be slightly idle; I do the dishes of the bad halogen are generally done at night, eat the next day 5, the time to cook edamame should not be too long, otherwise the edamame is not only yellow, the beans are too soft and rotten, it will be too noodle when soaked in the back, the taste is not good

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