Recipe: Fragrant dried cauliflower

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant dried cauliflower


Cleaning the leftovers in the house, even the soy sauce is gone. I found a quick and delicious meal.



  1. The cauliflower is smashed into small flowers, soaked in water for a while, washed and drained. (The stem of organic cauliflower is very delicious. If it is cut off, you can peel off the aging skin and stir it together.)

  2. Dried slices, slightly thinner.

  3. Add a teaspoon of bean paste and add a little water to mix well.

  4. Open the fire, pour the oil, stir the oil into a few cauliflowers, add the fragrant dried stir fry, add the bean paste sauce, and evenly wrap it on the dish.

  5. The stems of the cauliflower have been discolored, tasted, and salty. Turn off the fire and pan.

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