Recipe: Fragrant cheese tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant cheese tea


I once saw on the Internet that someone taught me to make homemade milk tea with dried lemon slices. As a result, the cup that I drummed out was terrible. After slowly experimenting, I finally found this method, very simple, and every time the bubble will be very good. Chen Chen said, "I saw a small rope hanging from the things you dunk"...



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Raw material map.

    Raw material map.

  2. Boil the water and pour about 400ml. This ratio varies from person to person. I prefer not to drink too thick or not, and to make a big cup every time, so the water is put more.

  3. Pour in about 100ml of coffee companion and stir. I am currently using the Italian Sweet Creme, very sweet. Vanilla should also taste good.

  4. Put in a black tea bag and tie the rope of the black tea bag on the handle of the cup so as not to slide down. Stir a little.


There is milk and tea, and this taste is made like milk tea. (^o^)/~

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