Recipe: Four color sponge cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Four color sponge cake


Sponge cake is a popular pastry in Su-style cakes. The practice is not too complicated. The friends who like it try to do it and make it easy for them to be hygienic.



  1. Rice, small yellow rice is soaked in water overnight, glutinous rice flour is ready to buy.

  2. Soaked rice and small yellow rice, as well as sesame, coconut, and sugar are finely ground with a food grinder. The finer the better.

  3. Put the fine rice flour, small yellow rice flour and glutinous rice flour, and mix the white sugar together. Take one-fourth out and stir evenly with ten grams of coffee. The other color of the sponge cake is operated in turn.

  4. Take a suitable container, evenly spread the oil on the bottom and the periphery of the container, put the mixed powder into the container loosely, and smooth the surface.

  5. When the steamer is on fire, first boil the water, then put the processed rice flour box into the steamer and steam for about 20 minutes. The steam is steamed for a while, and vice versa. Master your own words.

  6. Cook the pot and you're done!


After soaking rice and small yellow rice, be sure to drain the water.

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