Recipe: "Food Xianji" version of tea rice

Home Cooking Recipe:


According to the practice of the half-day fairy in the "Dish of the Immortals", the Japanese-style tea-baked rice cooked in the same way is the favorite of Xiaoxian after the hangover!



  1. It is best to use a boiled water to remove the excess astringency, then pour in the Japanese soy sauce and mix well.

  2. Cook the rice into a small bowl and sprinkle with Shanghai moss powder, code the fish fillet, and squeeze the mustard.

  3. Inject the boiled hot tea along the side of the bowl and stop when there is no two-thirds of the rice.

  4. Stir it and eat it as big as in a TV series!


The type of tea is not limited, but the rice that has been brewed with green tea and oolong tea is the most refreshing and refreshing!

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