Recipe: Fleshy

Home Cooking Recipe: Fleshy


Because of homemade tofu, there is always a lot of bean dregs left, turning waste into treasure and making rational use of ingredients.



  1. Washed soybeans, soaked in water overnight

  2. Put it into VITAMIX and use a sieve (a layer of beancloth) to filter out the bean dregs.

  3. Put the bean dregs in the dish (as large as possible), mix in the ingredients (except cooked sesame, seaweed)

  4. The microwave oven is fired for 12 minutes, and the mixture is taken out once every 2 minutes.

  5. Finally, the cooked sesame and seaweed are mixed into the pine


1, soy sauce, so there is no need to put salt 2, can also be fried in iron pot (I have not succeeded) 3, mixed with white rice porridge, taste good

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