Recipe: Flax seed bread (free continental bread)

Home Cooking Recipe: Flax seed bread (free continental bread)


In the process of making the European package for the first time, it was unexpectedly encountered a lot of difficulties. The shaping is not good, the circumcision can't find the feeling. This is nothing. In the absence of baking slate, I have previously baked a heavy-duty steel deep-baked dish instead, and the effect is better than nothing. The most important thing is that the defect of poor heat insulation of the small oven in the home is exposed to the best in the process of baking the European bag. 250 degrees is really full of high temperature for it, it is not easy to reach it. Keeping it is really hard. In addition, I have forgotten to prepare the shovel in advance, so that when the bread is in the oven, I can only use two scrapers to hold the dough and throw it on the hot baking tray, and I will almost burn myself. Under the constraints of various conditions, the final package of this European package can have such internal organization, I am really very satisfied. Even more pleasing is that after a long time of dough rest and long-term low-temperature fermentation, the finished product is tough enough for each bite, and the more chewy the more fragrant. Although the crispness of the skin is not good enough because of the low temperature of the oven, overall, it is really a very delicious and enduring bread. The original party is from the blog of love and freedom: I don't have a Lekui cooking bowl, I made some changes in the way I operated. My own experience in making this bread can be stamped here:



  1. Prepare a basin and add the bread to the water. Add the bread flour, salt and flaxseed to make it a very moist dough.

  2. After the dough was allowed to stand for 30 minutes, the dough was scraped from the periphery to the center with a spatula, and then allowed to stand still, and the dough was scraped once every 30 minutes for a total of 3 times.

  3. The dough was fermented to room temperature twice as large, and placed in a refrigerator to continue low temperature refrigeration fermentation for 12 hours.

  4. The refrigerated dough was taken out and allowed to stand at room temperature for half an hour.

  5. Pour the dough on the sprinkled chopping board, fold inward from the upper and lower 1/3, and relax for 15 minutes.

  6. The slackened dough is folded inward from 1/3 of the left and right sides, and then folded in half, and the mouth is pressed with the palm root to make the whole dough elliptical.

  7. Place the whole dough in the powdered bread on the shovel and ferment it to 2 times at room temperature.

  8. Whole wheat flour is sieved on the dough surface, cut with a sharp knife, and sprayed on the surface.

  9. After preheating the oven with the baking slab to 250 degrees, use the shovel to move the bread to the slate and bake for 30 minutes.


Free sister explained in the blog that although the water content of this European package is relatively large, because the water absorption capacity of flaxseed is super strong, after 12 hours or more of placement, the dough is not so wet, basically with a small amount. The hand powder can be used to complete the stretching and folding steps.

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