Recipe: Flavored cold noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Flavored cold noodles


Not very good recently. On the last day of the last weekend, the nails were cut off a large piece when cutting vegetables. At this time, I still have to boast that the knife is really fast! I bleed before I reacted. The word "ten fingers and even heart" is really vivid and apt, and it hurts. That piece of nails with a small piece of flesh is estimated to take a month or two to grow back. So recently it has become a "neck finger disability", typing slowly, not often, but also often typo, the reason is that the position of the head is wrong, pain. Everyone has to be careful when cooking. It’s really a matter of accidentally pointing fingers. I will take a break from cooking this week and take the cold noodles I have done before. This is simple and delicious, and it is worth trying.



  1. Cook the noodles early, remove the cold water when you are cooked at eight or nine minutes, drain and drain, then use paper towels to absorb excess water.

  2. All the seasonings and sauces below the noodles, mix well with the noodles


If you don't like spicy food, don't put chili oil, put more sesame paste, it should be delicious. And my ratio of noodles to sauce is just right, luck wow

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