Recipe: Five Fingered Peach Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Five Fingered Peach Chicken Soup


This soup is best for summer, can go to the heat and dampness. The piece of wood in the picture is a five-finger peach, which is sold in shops selling medicinal materials or dry goods. Five-finger peach is a homologous plant. There are spleen and lungs; qi and dampness; Shujin active. It has a unique milk and coconut scent, and the soup is sweet and delicious. It is a good health care function with five fingers, peach, chicken and pork bone soup. It has delicious taste, aromatic smell and rich nutrition. Especially for bronchitis, qi deficiency, loss of appetite, anemia, stomach pain, chronic gastritis and postpartum less milk and other diseases have a certain effect



  1. Light chicken washed and drained, cut into small pieces

  2. The chicken pieces will be slightly marinated with salt and raw powder, and the chicken will be more tender.

  3. Add water to the five fingers, peach, medlar, candied dates, etc.

  4. Put the water into the ganoderma lucidum and the chicken nuggets. After the fire is boiled, simmer for 30 minutes.


1, the soup time does not have to be too long, 20-30 minutes. 2, the current generation of science research also shows that the five fingers hair picking antitussive, expectorant, asthma, improve immunity and antibacterial effects. Chicken can be replaced with pig bones and ribs. 3, Ganoderma lucidum is also to enhance the role of immunity, Ganoderma lucidum, medlar, candied dates, etc. are not essential materials, can be placed at the discretion.

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