Recipe: Five black soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Five black soy milk


The five blackest grains are used: rye kernel, black bean, black rice, black peanut, black sesame. One is blacker than one. Black into the kidney, this bowl of soy milk set the blackest five things, is simply a kidney good.



  1. Wash the five materials into the soymilk machine and the grain soy milk program. It will take about 20 minutes.

  2. The soy milk is filtered and the bean dregs are filtered out.

  3. Don't throw away the filtered bean dregs, you can steam the steamed buns, you can also make bread, or make bean dregs, which are very fragrant.


You can soak rye kernels, black beans, black peanuts, and black rice in advance for one night. It can be used without bubbles.

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