Recipe: Fish quiche

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish quiche


Today, I bought a four-pound female carp in the vegetable market. After killing a lot of fish seeds, our family made cakes with eggs and braised with fish.



  1. Wash the fish seeds first, peel off the outer film and put in a large bowl to break into the eggs, put a proper amount of salt and wine, and mix well.

  2. Pour the appropriate amount of oil into the non-stick pan, pour the fish seed egg liquid, cover the lid and simmer for two minutes in five minutes.

  3. The two sides of the golden can be out of the pot, you can use a shovel to cut the fish cake into small pieces in the pot.


1. Be careful not to break the outer film when the fish seeds are taken out. 2. Wash the fish seeds to clean the outer film. 3. Put the wine on. 4. Chopsticks, stir the fish seeds and pinch them. I use the hand. Pinched

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