Recipe: Fish citron box

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish citron box



  1. Pork chop stuffing, adding cooking wine and salting

  2. Eggplant cuts a knife and cuts it, forming a jar with a thickness of about 1cm.

  3. Stuff the meat into the eggplant and compact

  4. After the whole eggplant box is covered with flour on both sides, hang the pulp in the evenly beaten egg.

  5. Boil the saucepan until golden (preferably pan)

  6. Add soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, white sugar, a small amount of salt, water to the bowl and mix into a sauce.

  7. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, chopped the onion ginger and pepper blasting pot, add the prepared sauce, heat and put in the egg box

  8. After suffocating for 3 minutes, you can turn over the eggplant and pour the starch into the water.

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