Recipe: Fish, bitter gourd, stuffed meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish, bitter gourd, stuffed meat


Fish-flavored bitter melon stuffed meat~ sour, sweet and bitter, all live together~ I don’t feel tired in summer, I’m responsible for watching and eating, hahaha.



  1. Bitter gourd cut, hollowed out, add egg white to minced meat, a little salt, stir the starch evenly, brew into bitter gourd

  2. Steam on the steamer for 10 minutes.

  3. (2 at the same time) chopped peppers, etc., from the oil pan, add a little minced meat, stir-fry,

  4. Add the soy pepper, pepper, sweet and sour, and make the fish paste, add a little water to boil,

  5. Add ginger, stir fry a few times, dilute in salt, water starch thicken.

  6. Pour the fish sauce on the bitter gourd and sprinkle with chopped green onion~


1 tastes a lot, how to ensure that the taste is not chaotic together but the level is clearly the focus of this dish. Fishy flavor is also a compound flavor that is difficult to control. Try it more~ 2 kinds of meat stuffing, a kind of steaming, a kind of frying, the taste is interesting to collide~ 3 starch plus egg white will make the meat smooth and tender, a small recipe ~

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