Recipe: Favorite five-in-one moon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Favorite five-in-one moon cake


It is said that it is five kernels. In fact, there are a total of 10 kinds of nuts. It is a small luxury version of Wuren! It is still essential to make the broken pieces before the moon cake. The combination of the nuts in my recipe is my favorite. Everyone has their own favorite nuts and can be freely matched. It can be used according to the total weight. I think peanuts, sesame seeds and walnuts in nuts are indispensable. They are absolutely dominant in Wuren stuffing. If you don't, you can't feel Wuren moon cakes. Others can mix and match at will, and add pine nuts better! The total amount of nuts is 550 grams. Because the moon cake is a high-oil, high-sugar snack, it is quite greasy, so the hawthorn, raisin, cranberry and kumquat are used in the fruit. These kinds of fruit are sour and sweet, neutralizing the greasy moon cake, appetizing It is very good to get rid of greasy, especially the kumquat can not be saved, it is very refreshing, and it plays the role of finishing touch. With it, the grade and taste of the whole moon cake stuffing are improved, and it will be put! If there is no dried kumquat, it is also possible to replace it with orange cake or dried tangerine peel. Red and red, both nutritious and brightening the filling! The total amount of candied fruit is about 350 grams. There is also a dry powder portion in the filling, which is mixed with fried glutinous rice flour and low-powder. I did not use low-powder powder last year, and all glutinous rice flour is OK.



  1. First stir the powder in the stuffing, glutinous rice flour and low-gluten flour to fry and let cool. All nuts need to be cooked or fried. If you don't need to get cooked, use it directly.

  2. Peanuts and walnuts in nuts are cut into small cubes, dried kumquats in the candied fruit, chopped hawthorn strips, cranberries are cut slightly, and all the dried fruit is mixed.

  3. Add high-alcohol wine to the mixed nuts and stir it, then add white sugar and mix it. Other liquid materials: peanut oil, cool white, honey, rose sauce, mix well and pour into the nuts and mix well.

  4. Stir-fried glutinous rice flour and low-powder are mixed into the nuts and mixed well by hand. Pay attention to the dryness and wetness of the filling. The dryness and humidity of the honey and rose sauce directly affect the dryness and wetness of the filling. If it is too dry, then Add a little cool white, add a little powder if it is too thin, and the final state is very easy to pinch into a group and not very thin. Fill the filling with a plastic wrap and let it stand.

  5. Let's make the crust, mix the syrup, peanut oil, and water, and emulsifie it with a manual egg beater. Add the flour, mix well, and cover the plastic wrap for 1 to 3 hours.

  6. According to the required number of grams, the filling and the crust are divided into balls, the crust is opened and stuffed, and the bag is gathered with a tiger's mouth. After the packaged moon cake is rolled in the cooked glutinous rice flour, the excess powder surface is shot by hand, stuffed into the moon cake mold, and the flower pattern is pressed out and placed on the baking sheet. (About the ratio of cake to stuffing, I like thick skin, so the ratio of cake to stuffing is generally 2 to 3. 50 grams of moon cake: 20 grams of cake, stuffing 30 grams of 75 grams of moon cake: 30 grams of cake, filling 45 grams 100 grams of moon cake: 40 grams of cake skin, 60 grams of stuffing). If you like thin skin, you can reduce the number of cakes and increase the number of grams. For beginners, please refer to the thick skin. If the bag is not skilled, it is easy to reveal the stuffing.

  7. Preheat the oven at 200 °C in advance, spray water on the mooncake with a watering can, place the middle layer of the oven, fire at 180 °C, and heat at 200 °C. Bake until about 10 minutes, when the surface of the moon cake has a little color, use a wool brush to brush a thin layer of egg yolk water (yolk egg water preparation: one egg yolk plus one-fourth protein plus 15 grams of water and mix thoroughly), remember to brush before brushing Brush the egg yolk water and scrape it back and forth along the bowl to scrape off the excess egg water and brush it. Brush the egg yolk water and send it to the oven for about 10 minutes.

  8. After cooling and sealing, the moon cake is very hard, just wait for 4 days to return to the oil, the cake skin is soft and delicious!


The filling portion of the square is about 3 times the amount of the cake, and the 75 grams of the moon cake can do about 34.

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