Recipe: Fat sheep mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Fat sheep mushroom


I like this mutton slice mushroom. The combination of the two ingredients is very good. It is also very easy to learn, and let's talk about it.



  1. The mushroom is removed from the roots, washed, and simmered.焯 to slightly yellow. Drain the water for use.

  2. Green onions and shreds. Stir in the pan when the oil is hot.

  3. Add the mutton slices when the onion is scented. Wait until the mutton is cooked to eight points and put in the already drained Flammulina velutipes.

  4. Quickly stir fry, put in fuel, salt. Loading.

  5. The chives can be served at the end of the table.


It is best to buy a large piece of meat for the mutton slices, and then go to the market to slice the meat. And the boxed lamb slices bought directly are two species at all! ! Whether it is cooking or hot pot is great. It is delicious to eat without too much material.

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