Recipe: Fat people lose weight secret recipe - [Hua Tuo]

Home Cooking Recipe: Fat people lose weight secret recipe - [Hua Tuo]


[Eat vegan + avoid sugar, carbonated drinks, ice drinks, snacks and less oil + drink plenty of water and tea, regularity of work, need to feel at noon + eat a big fruit before meals + at least 30 minutes a day to make yourself sweaty (Walking + doing housework and other work)---In fact, the former Luo Lili only insists on one of them to keep it thin, but it must be kept for at least half a year. The "vegetarian" or "small sugar oil, no vegan food" can never rebound. "Vegetarian" is the most easy to speed and thin. All of the above are their own slimming secrets. They don't deliberately lose weight. They all observe the experience summarized from a very thin skin. Because there are many people who have consulted recently, they are all together. Here is the secret recipe of Hua Tuo's slimming. Cause: Most obese people have more body fat. Excessive fat can block the passage of blood and increase the pressure on the heart. Therefore, people who are overly obese often suffer from heart disease. The secret recipe is to use "lemon", but the use of lemon must also be used properly to take effect. If it is used improperly, it will also harm the internal organs. Lemon, such as broom, can remove obstacles in the body, but improper use can hurt the gastrointestinal and duodenum. Recently, hemorrhage of the stomach and duodenum are often seen. It may be that you often eat chemical foods that are harmful to health, or Caused by lemon ice.



  1. Prescription: One lemon, sliced, put three bowls of water in the pot, and ten minutes after burning, sprinkle sugar (the lemon can't be removed)

  2. Time: Drink a bowl after lunch. Do not take it for the rest of the time. You can only take it once a week. If you take it once a week, it will help you to reduce your obesity.


The prescription of this bowl of medicine should be followed step by step, and you should eat something before drinking, not on an empty stomach. "Fatty weight loss secret recipe" is taken from [Buddha said treatment of disease; Guanyin, Huatuo fruit and vegetables cure recipe]

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