Recipe: Fat loss meal day1

Home Cooking Recipe: Fat loss meal day1


7/27 The first meal of fat loss meal myfitness said that the calorie has a protein content of 520 calories - calories: chicken breast meat 200g-36g-269 Doka sea white shrimp 220g-30g-145 card asparagus 205g-5.3g-27 card Corn 200g-4g-80 card



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 1- first boiled corn, cook for about 20-25 minutes

    1- first boiled corn, cook for about 20-25 minutes

  2. 2- Cooked corn boiled asparagus Remember that the water boils and puts salt. Asparagus will become beautiful...

  3. 3-Boiled bowl of asparagus continues to cook shrimp! (Three pots of water...

  4. 4-Heavy drama! Chicken breasts! The fourth pot of water is boiled for two minutes with two pieces of ginger and a spoonful of cooking wine (refers to the road: fitness kitchen male...

  5. 5- Very Steps to Exercise People Tear the chicken breast! Not generally tired....

  6. 6-cold chicken breast 200g chicken breast ingredients (36g tomato sauce; 8g olive oil; 3g salt; 1.5g black pepper)

  7. 7- Pull out the pan! Grilled chicken breasts~


Chicken breast is delicious

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