Recipe: Fast food natto

Home Cooking Recipe: Fast food natto


In fact, the purpose of writing this is just to warn the future generations to do nothing to buy natto. This stuff is not for the average person to eat. The taste, realistically described, is the sweet foot odor. It’s really hard to hold it. If you are unfortunate enough to buy it with my handcuffs, it will usually be served with sauce and put it directly. The only thing to note is that you can eat it after thawing to room temperature. Don't add anything. Otherwise, the consequences are unbearable. I don’t think that the bacteria in the Cannes bean will lose their activity. The smelly smell will spread in your home. Natto itself is still a very healthy food. So if you can afford it, then enjoy it!!



  1. Thawed to room temperature - can't heat!!!

  2. Stir the sauce well.

  3. If you are afraid of the taste of natto, you can consider the rice, especially the fried rice.

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