Recipe: Fan cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fan cabbage



  1. Cabbage shredded

  2. Mainly for the preparation of fans, one is to use warm water to soak, the second is to cut the fans short, when the cold water is used to soak the unevenness, the use of boiling water will burn the skin, making the fans become sticky; short cut is very important The fans are not as long as possible. The short cut is that when the fry is fried, it is not wrapped around.

  3. Put a little oil in the wok and heat it. If you are willing to eat spicy, dry chili 4, 5 tablets at this time.

  4. Let's make a good fan (bar), pour into the raw and mix well, color code, then pay attention to the heat at this time, because the heat becomes soft and easy to suck

  5. Water, if the fire is too big or the movement is slow, the pot will be simmered.

  6. After the fans are soft, cut into the chopped cabbage, mix well with the fans, add the right amount of salt.

  7. After the cabbage becomes soft, the minced garlic can be served in a pan.


Last weekend, I went to Shanxi private kitchen FB and ordered a fan of cabbage. Many students said that they like to eat this dish. This dish is too common. No matter who can cook a large dish; this dish is too It's easy to find, no matter who can prepare a plate of ingredients at any time; this dish is so delicious, whether it is rice or not, it is very good to eat pancakes. However, if you want to fry it, you still have some tips. . 〖Select material〗 You are not saying that this ingredient is the easiest to get? First of all, you can buy cabbage all year round. There are too many fans in the supermarket. Because of the many, you have to choose. Cabbage: Good choice, choose the color green, the loose heart can be, the color is green and tender, the taste will not be sweet; as for the heart is not porcelain, each layer of leaves has sufficient growth space and good taste. Fans (articles): This dish can be selected from vermicelli noodles, but there are too many brands in the market. Generally, a certain brand is recognized. If it is cooked, it will not stick, and the taste will be good.

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