Recipe: [fake] salad oil

Home Cooking Recipe: [fake] salad oil


During the fat loss, the salad oil is really not touchable. However, the salad oil in the dishes such as flossy scallops, sandwiches, and burritos is not good. How to do it? Don't worry, there are alternatives



  1. Milk must be selected, milky, full-fat. Otherwise, there is no sense of satisfaction in your taste.

  2. Milk + psyllium powder is stirred. After the psyllium powder is placed for a while, the liquid will be solidified more viscous, so pay attention to the dosage when putting it, not too much.

  3. Leave the mixture for half an hour and observe the thickness, but the degree of ordinary salad oil can be

  4. How to use it!


1. The salad oil mentioned here is like salad dressing, the kind of sauce is small sauce, not the salad oil for cooking. 2. The psyllium powder and the psyllium powder are two kinds of things, don't buy them wrong.

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