Recipe: Exploding pickled vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Exploding pickled vegetables



  1. Washed in Shanghai, evenly chopped, placed in a large basin, add 15 grams of salt, grab and mix, marinate for 3 hours, squeeze the water for spare

  2. Thousands of cut filaments, red peppers and shredded silk

  3. practice

  4. Hot oil in the wok, when the heat is 30%, enter the edamame rice, stir fry and turn green

  5. Put down a thousand sheets and stir well

  6. Add the pickled greens, stir fry over medium heat, and knead them.

  7. Add green pepper, add a little salt and a small amount of sugar, chicken seasoning, wait until the red pepper is broken


1. Although this kind of stir fry is simple, the order in which the materials are placed is very important. 2. After the pickles are placed in the pan, try to dry them as much as possible to ensure the dryness of the dishes.

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