Recipe: Enjoy barbecue-free in the summer - cherry frozen cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Enjoy barbecue-free in the summer - cherry frozen cheesecake


The hot summer is coming again. People who like to bake and lick their mouths can only find a simple way to satisfy the desire to do and want to eat.  This cake is best for summer, avoiding the heat of baking and the fine and mellow cake. Both are the best. This is a little change with reference to Pan Xiaoyue's "Strawberry Fruit Frozen Cheesecake". Thank you for sharing. Because after the strawberry season, I didn't buy strawberries and switched to cherries. I don't think there might be strawberries, but the taste is quite good.



  1. The biscuits are crushed, the more broken, the better.

  2. Pour the butter into the cracked biscuits and mix well. Spread it on the bottom of the mold, compact it, and put it into the refrigerator for storage.

  3. The gelatin tablets are soaked in cold water, the cherries are half chopped, and half are made into mud.

  4. The cheese insulation water is smoothed with chopsticks, half of the sugar is added to the granules, and the soft gelatin tablets are added to the melt.

  5. Light cream added half of the sugar to 6-7 distribution

  6. Pour the cheese paste into the cream and mix it evenly. Pour in the cherry and mud.

  7. Remove the mold from the refrigerator, pour in the cheese paste, knead it, and make the surface smooth, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours until it solidifies.

  8. Demoulding, squeezing the chocolate sauce and putting the fruit on it


I use an 8-inch live square mold to facilitate demolding.

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