Recipe: Encounter

Home Cooking Recipe: Encounter



  1. Peel the old cockroach, clean it and knock the cockroach out to prevent the glutinous rice from flowing out.

  2. Then pour the glutinous rice into the clam and knock the other end

  3. Put the brown leaves on the bottom of the pressure cooker, then put the cockroaches in, add water, cover the water, sugar, red pond, sweet-scented osmanthus, red dates, and let the water turn off and burn for 2 hours.

  4. Although the color is not as good as the hotel, the taste is definitely not worse than the hotel. If you want the color to look good, you can add the red pond water. 'I don't recommend it, the red pond water is the pigment.'

  5. Then take out the pot and remove the juice, and concentrate the juice. Add some powder, or add maltose.

  6. Better taste after chilling in summer


藕 can eliminate digestion and diarrhea, appetizing heat, nourishing, preventing internal bleeding, good food for the sick and sick

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