Recipe: Egg yolk porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg yolk porridge


When you don't have an appetite, or if you want to eat light, simple, porridge is the best choice. Simple and comfortable to eat.



  1. First, clean the rice and put the casserole. Start the porridge.

  2. Then cut the carrots, cucumber, cabbage, celery, green stalks, diced, celery, cabbage, greens, leaves, shredded, spare.

  3. Another oil pan, crush the egg yolk oil pan into a muddy shape, add carrots, diced vegetables, stir fry (slightly fried, you can oh) add the right amount of salt

  4. When the white porridge in the casserole is cooked to 8 minutes, pour the fried dish in the oil pan into the casserole. Stir back and forth evenly with a spoon.

  5. After about 3 minutes, almost the porridge is OK. Pour the greens and leaves into the casserole before turning off the fire. Continue to mix it back and forth with a spoon. Try it if you don’t have enough flavor. Add chicken. Of course, I can’t add it.

  6. End the fire, the egg yolk porridge is OK.


You must remember to stir the porridge from time to time. Otherwise, it will stick to the porridge. The ingredients are appropriately increased according to their own needs. The ingredients above me are the amount one person eats. Haha The variety of green vegetables can be changed according to your own preferences. But remember that the leaves must be turned off before the fire. The porridge will look good. The leaves will not yellow.

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