Recipe: Egg yolk chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg yolk chicken wings


The dishes that often appear in the Hang Bang Restaurant are also the yolks of the dishes that the children love. The chicken wings are crispy and tender. It is really delicious. So don't do too much~~~ How much can be done... (Steps under the figure) When doing it, make up oh)



  1. Wash the chicken wings, insert a few holes with a toothpick, and marinate with a pinch of salt and cooking wine.

  2. Salted eggs take egg yolk. I am a cooked salted egg that I bought directly. If it is raw, I need to steam it after taking out the egg yolk.

  3. The surface of the marinated chicken wings is covered with a layer of starch.

  4. The oil is burned to 70% heat, and the chicken wings are fried until the surface is golden. fish out.

  5. Put the base oil in the pot, add the salted egg yolk, crush and fry, add some cooking wine to the simmer, continue to fry.

  6. When the egg yolk starts to bubble, you can add chicken wings, stir fry quickly, and let the chicken wings wrap the egg yolk.

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