Recipe: Egg fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg fried rice cake


Summer is over Half of July I really don’t want to fry and fry. In the summer, it’s still fresh and fresh. Today is a simple breakfast that is not worth returning to the blog - egg fried rice cake   I am using two rice (millet + rice invincible health combination) The eggs are made of fat bears and go to the countryside to help me collect the grass eggs, small ones, but the egg yolk color is very delicate. Also cut some chives Used the most popular rice oil a little salt seasoning I really like this combination.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Shallot washed and cut

    Shallot washed and cut

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Egg break up

    Egg break up

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Prepare two rice

    Prepare two rice

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Sitting in the pot

    Sitting in the pot

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: After the oil is hot, spread two meters of rice and lightly press it into rice cake.

    After the oil is hot, spread two meters of rice and lightly press it into rice cake.

  6. Home Cooking Recipe: Pour egg liquid and chives

    Pour egg liquid and chives

  7. Home Cooking Recipe:
  8. Slow fire

  9. Wait for the bottom rice to be slightly burnt, turn over the fire and slowly fry

  10. After the last two sides are golden, sprinkle with salt and season.


TIPS: 1. It is best to use overnight rice, it is recommended to use two rice, because not only nutritious, but also the taste of rustling 2. Use a shovel to gently press the rice into a rice cake so that it is evenly heated and has a crunchy taste. 3. Seasoning with only a small amount of salt will eat the taste of the ingredients themselves.

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